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Engineering & Drawings

Clydesdale Steel provides streamlined logistics services tailored to your project’s needs. From sourcing materials to delivery, our team ensures seamless coordination, optimizing every step of the process. With strategic warehousing and responsive distribution networks, we provide efficient solutions for projects of any scale, ensuring timely delivery and cost-effective outcomes.

Fabrication Solutions

Clydesdale Steel delivers precision steel fabrication services, tailored to meet diverse project needs. Leveraging advanced techniques and equipment, we deliver custom solutions with unmatched quality assurance. Through collaborative partnerships, we ensure every component aligns seamlessly with your project requirements, guaranteeing lasting durability and reliability


Our licensed partner professionals, operating in all 50 states, utilize cutting-edge CAD technology to provide precise drawings tailored to your project needs. From initial sketches to sealed engineering drawings, we ensure compliance with industry standards and regulations, delivering efficient solutions for projects of any scale. Our commitment to excellence guarantees quality, reliability, and client satisfaction throughout every stage of your project.


Andrew Bingaman
Andrew Bingaman
Arty Quackenbush, co-owner of clydesdale steel
Arty Quackenbush III
Marty Mogilski
Project Manager, Logistics

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